Throughout the process we actively listen to our clients’ needs, help them to define their design objectives, present them with options and alternatives ensuring they get the most from their project and budget.

All of our designs are site specific. We strive to enhance views, optimise solar orientation, capture natural light and ventilation; while acknowledging the value of heritage and our natural environment.

We endeavor to create buildings that are light, efficient, functional, individual and beautiful – creating inspiring spaces that are personal to our clients; that support the way they live and create a sense of place, a ‘genius loci’.  

We continually investigate building technologies, existing systems and materials with considered attention to detail that is project specific.  We understand that every project is different. This is why we like to give our clients the opportunity to select the ‘scope of service‘ that is right for them.  The quality of service that we provide extends across all work stages.

All projects are complex and each of our projects are unique. However, we follow a defined process ensuring the best outcomes for our clients in every instance. The principle is summarised in the following diagram.

Richard Nicholls Architect Process